WupSales – Reward Points for WooCommerce


Reward your Customers using Reward Points for Product Purchase, Writing Reviews, Sign up, Referrals, Social Promotion (Facebook like, Facebook share, Twitter tweet, Google+ share and VK.com)
Set rewards in the form of bonus points for the purchase of good, signup, writing review and more. Or create and set up delayed campaigns with automatic reward points accrual based on triggers/conditions and then notify the user via email and/or pop-up.

Main Features

Encourage repeat purchase

For each purchase of a product with a stipulated reward, or for a promotion organised by you, a certain number of Reward points are credited to the buyer’s account.

Convenience and benefit for everyone
Everything is transparent because the client sees his accumulated Reward points and transactions made with them in his personal account. The administrator, in turn, controls the entire process, sets up promotions, and monitors their effectiveness in the analytics section.

The buyer is 90% likely to return
Thus, each purchase partially pays for the next one, and since it can only be made in your store, the buyer is 90% likely to return to make a repeat purchase! At the same time, the buyer will not hesitate, because Reward points have an expiration date set by you.

How to use

Gamify the sales process
Make your store truly interesting and memorable with rewards points. You can set a Name for your rewards points, determine what currency they are equal to, add your custom Badge for points, add automatic rewards for some actions like registering, leaving a review, and so on.

Give points for a product, or groups created by taxonomies
You can fully manage the amount of Reward points accrued for the purchase of both individual products and groups. Groups are products united by common taxonomies (categories, tags, attributes, price, brands) that you can create and customize unlimited number of times.

Easy-to-manage control of user points balance
The plugin allows you to conveniently track, accrue and control the balance of Reward points both for each individual user and in bulk according to a certain user attribute. At the same time, for each accrual / write-off, you can specify a reason, send a newsletter, and much more.

Automatic marketing campaigns on triggers and/or conditions
Create and configure pending trigger-based automatic scoring campaigns, followed by user notification via email and/or pop-up.
This way you can plan promotions months and even years ahead, or organize the accrual of Reward points for any actions in the future, such as registration or as a gift for the user’s birthday.Moreover it’s all AUTOMATED. In one company, you can create multifaceted conditions by using triggers and conditions and specifying the logic between them.

Rewards Points Triggers (actions that the user will perform in the future):
*new user
*days since registration
*total amount of purchases
*count of purchases
*time spent on the website (session time)
*not active user (no orders for days)
*By review; by a specific visiting page.

Conditions (already completed actions):
*total purchases amount
*count of purchases
*not active users
*users who have reviewed
*user role.

Newsletter and popups
The plugin provides the ability to notify customers about the crediting, debiting of Reward points both for manual accruals and for automatic companies.
You can notify the user via Email or Popup (displayed during his next session), or both at the same time.
Moreover, in addition to text and media, you can add a “Shop” button and display the Reward points widget directly in the email/popup.

You can style the design of all elements of the Reward system on the front side with the ability to upload your own icons, change the color, font, etc.
For example, the user’s balance widget; a badge for a product implying Reward points (each product will indicate exactly how many points it gives), or a badge in the cart (your customers will see a badge of Reward points for spending Reward points upon purchase)

Global settings
The Reward Points plugin has the widest functionality settings:
*Activation and Stop of the rewards loyalty program
*Control of participation by age
*Put the Points widget shortcode in any convenient place
*Set different expiration dates for reward points, purhcases and promotions
*Permanent discount by user levels
*Give points for the amount of the cart
*Conditions to use from the amount in the cart
*Logic for using points by % of cart
*Min cart amount to use points
*Maximum points for one cart
*Exclude Discounted Products
*Multicurrency (auto conversion)
*Refund logic setup
*Automatically generated loyalty program rules page

It makes no sense to describe all the possibilities here, just try it and see for yourself.

Your shop needs BP plugin

Increase in the number of regular customers
Studies show that people are more likely to choose a store in which they “accumulate” points on a Reward card than a similar one without them.

Possibility of communication
Whichever side you look at, this is a very convenient way to work with the buyer. Firstly, the company can implement any of its ideas in the store, and secondly, it saves money on attraction to a particular product. What gives a truly powerful channel of communication with your client.

“Inducement” to make a purchase
Consumers are attracted precisely by the “game of rewards” – they are happy to make purchases again, accumulate points in order to receive the desired gift or product for free on the cherished day.

Helps to coordinate work
In accordance with the interests of potential and loyal customers, adjust the product line, use various methods of attraction. There is a convenient opportunity to “anticipate” the desires of consumers, “luring” them with interesting offers.

Competitive advantage
The introduction of a loyalty program is exactly what will help you get more customers and “poach” them from your competitors. Today, competition in the retail industry is serious, every retailer strives to make the buyer want to come back again and again.


  • Widget Balance
  • Points in Cart
  • Popup with accrual by trigger
  • Reward System on mobile
  • Promotion Notice
  • Set Points tab
  • Groups by taxonomy
  • Balance tab
  • Settings Tab
  • Analytics tab
  • Auto-actions tab


A download zip archive with WupSales Reward Points for Woocommerce plugin
Extract files
Copy the folder with the plugin
Open via FTP folder \wp-content\plugins\
Paste plugin folder into here
Go to admin panel => Plugins => WupSales Reward Points for Woocommerce press activate

A download zip archive with plugin
Go to admin panel => Plugins => Add new
Choose the archive with a plugin and upload it
Wait until you get the notification installation went successfully
Press Activate button

Navigate to admin panel => Plugins => Add new
Type \”WupSales Reward Points for Woocommerce”\ in the search field
Choose our plugin from the list and click \”Install\”
Wait until you get the notification installation went successfully
Press Activate button


When I install the plugin, will the loyalty system start immediately?

No. After giving it some thought, it’s been decided that after installing the plugin, the administrator will have the opportunity to first set up the loyalty system and only then use the “Run” option of the loyalty system. At the same time, the admin can also suspend the loyalty system at any time. Check out this article for more details.

How can I set a reward for the purchase of a product/group of products?

You can charge rewards points in percentage or the exact number of rewards. At the same time, accrual can be either manual for each product or its variation, or in bulk – by ticking the boxes for the necessary products and setting rewards for all of them.
Moreover, the plugin can create groups of goods subject to certain conditions, thereby making it possible to conveniently assign rewards.
You can create groups from an unlimited number of conditions and set the logic between them. Now it is possible to create groups from the following conditions:
*Exclude discounted items.
For cases when the product and the group that this product belongs to have different values, you can go to Settings and set the priority between products and groups. Check out this article for more details.

How can I organize a promotion? Accrue / write off Reward Points to the balance of users?

Initially, users can receive rewards points for the purchase of goods, but you can also give them points for nothing, or for any reason. In this case, all information about accruals and debits will be displayed in the user’s personal account.

Each accrual has its own reason, so the user will always know why he was accrued rewards.

You can assign points both manually and only to those users who fall under a certain condition, such as a role, amount of purchases, registration, for a past purchase of a product from a certain category/attribute/tag/brand, etc.

Moreover, you can accrue both instantly and deferred, specifying the exact date and time of accrual.

Also, each accrual of such type can have its own expiration date of points.

Check out this article for more details.

How will my clients know about their rewards points balance?

Each client has his own account balance, where he sees his loyalty program level, the total balance of points (for purchases / for promotions) as well as the history of all transactions of reward points.

Control where exactly to show the widget with balance information to your customers using the widget shortcode.

Check out this article for more details.

What metrics can I track in the analytics?

You can track all analytical metrics in the analytics section by selecting the period you are interested in: last 7 days, last month, this month, last year, this year,
Custom entry of period (from/to).

The following metric charts are available in the plugin:

*Profit – with and without the loyalty system.
*Count of purchased products – with and without the loyalty program.
*Dynamics of the customer base – with and without loyalty system.
*Costs of using the loyalty system.
*Percentage of purchases with spent points.
*Percentage of purchases earning points.
*loyalty program conversion (returnability).
*Best selling product (with BP) – top 5/10/20 list.
*Most Purchased Product for Rewards – top 5/10/20 list.

Check out this article for more details.

What is “User levels”?

This is not mandatory, but very useful functionality of our plugin you can set levels for users, according to any conditions. And reward them with a permanent discount for those levels.
For example, the client reaches the 2nd level when he “makes purchases in the amount of >1000$” or gets the “Subscriber” role.
Thus, you can create an unlimited number of levels, giving them names and setting conditions.
Check out this article for more details.

It’s been said that I can limit participation in the loyalty program by age and use age as a trigger, however, I don’t have an age field on the website. Where can I get it?

The plugin provides its own age field. Thus, when you turn on the age restriction option, the user in his personal account of the loyalty program will see a request to confirm his age in order to participate in the system. He just needs to enter his date of birth and confirm participation in the system.

Check out this article for more details.

What do the smart rules of the loyalty program mean?

We care about our clients, so the rules will be generated automatically from the settings in the plugin. You can change them or restore them to default at any time. The rules will also be displayed in the user’s personal account.

Check out this article for more details.


May 14, 2024
It looked promising on description. I mean, simple, good design, easy to use, and seemed to run on Elementor but when installed there’s nothing much to test on free version. I thougt: How such plugin have so low installations with all such good features and decent screen shots? Well, that’s why… Description should be revised informing readers what’s on free and paid versions respectively. Only thing you can do on free version is so basic that you can’t test it for real to see if worth enough to go paid. I couldn’t confirm how it goes with Elementor and not convince me to pay just to check that. e.g. Customer will only see they have points available on checkout like regular discount cupom field. Like I said, there’s nothing much to see on free version to be tested.
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